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Having the core technology is the most reliable

Valmo injection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company committed to all-electric injection technology as a platform, research and development production of ultra-high speed injection molding systems, multi-color injection molding process, packaging bottle cap injection system, mould labeling and form a complete set of the high precision mould injection system and the peripheral devices of high-tech company.

All electric injection molding machine compared to previous common with high efficiency and energy saving, clean environmental protection, product precision and other characteristics; on a global scale the technology monopoly by Japanese companies. We gathered people with top talent in automation, software, electrical and mechanic , after several years of hard efforts to research and development success, equipment's precision and stablity is equal to Europe and Japan with world-class level.

We are all based on the fully electric injection solution platform and we have the incomparable technical advantage and cost advantage .The customer's needs is the goal of our effort .

We have excellent engineer in research and development . We have all the core technology and independent intellectual property rights in the fully electric injection molding machine machine control and system solutions .

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