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To provide customers with all electric under 450 tons of all electric injection solutions.

The small injection volume model was modified to the large injection volume model.

On the basis of the existing monochrome transformation into a two-color.

Convert normal rate of fire to high rate of fire.

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The extreme motion control technology and servo system, make injection resolution up to 0.01mm, weight offset less then 0.01g.

Swiss made Loadcell and High dynamic injection unit with optimization pressure close loop algorithm.

High grade electric and pneumatic parts, Strengthening mechanical structure, make higher production quality.



All driven by servo motor, no hydraulic components and oil.

Japan import ball screw and linear guides ensure the long life and clean.

Industry standards LUBE professional lubrication system.



Advanced intelligent servo driver system, low loss mechanical structure, optimization barrel heating and designed machine Heat dissipation structure.

Fully servo motor drive directly, without inertia and without oil as medium, power consumption down to 0.37kwh/kg.

High dynamic and precision injection movements, less product weight over 6% as conventional hydraulic machine.



Machine equipped compress injection, ejector during mold opening and some other parallel movements. may effectively shorten the cycle time.

Free programmable process sequence representation of any production process.

High speed servo motor and optimized system design for extremely short cycle times and maximum productivity duo to the consistent quality of parts.

Large tie-bar space, long ejector range, comply Chinese standard and Europe standard mold plate, save a lot production preparation time.


Long life time

Intelligent mold protection, reduce the risk of mold crush.

Close loop trajectory of axis movements, reduce mechanical wear.

Close loop torque control, protect mold and reduce loss.

Capacitive touch screen, Ultra long life time.



Continue study the latest technology of control and motion, investment in a large number of R&D costs to has a wealth of technical reserves.

Searching for the latest industry information and process features, challenge the new molding requirements.

Continue developing information technology and integration technology.

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