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High Performance Beyond Ordinary Injection System

Why choose us

REAL series full electric two-stage plunger system was design based on this four principles, the system achiveves perfect harmony of critical plasticizing and injection functions. The two-stage plunger system has ability of total beyond the normal injection system includs injeciton speed , injeciton precision and shotting stability.


Constant barrel heating profile

Constant material viscosit

Constant of precision filling volume

Precise holding pressure

Precise injection position

Complies with CE and UL standards

REAL series full electric two-stage plunger system provides 16-40mm plasticizing screw and 8-40mm injection plunger. The injection shotting weights offset up to 0.001g, the max. injection pressure up to 3500Bar and the injection speed 500-1300mm/s.

Improve plasticizing performance

Plasticizing screw was stand still when feeding material, it's provide better feeding stability.

While plasticizing, screw position is stationary like extrusion screw. Each pellets goes through the same thermal exposure, so that it w ill provide very stable density and uniform melt of material.

Higher recycle ratio compare to reciprocating Screw.

Plunger injection

The plunger is not loss the speed and pressure at injection, and the material is not exposed to high shear and generates degradation and gas.

Metered material is pre-dose. Plunger injection is very reliable due to high response, low mess and low inertia. Its help to get higher injection speed, higher acc/deacceleration, high pressure, low pressure, stronger holding and quick response at VP switch.

Pressure sensor is attached at back of plunger, which enable to detect real injection pressure sensitive and precise.