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Stability With High-speed And Excellent Cost Control

Why choose us

REAL series injection molding machine incorporates all the advantages of all-electric injection molding machines, not only has excellent performance in energy control, and its stability is also impressive. For each bottle production machines are specially commissioning, ensure stability in energy control and achieve industry-leading standards.


Shorten the cycle time

High dynamic injection unit

Best parts quality

Excellent energy performance

Specially commissioned for stability

High speed injection molding system and high-performance clamping mechanism design provides a very short cycle time. The mould precision grade template parallelism and compact solid frame structure effectively reduce the mechanical and mold consumption. The special injection structure design and high speed plasticizing screws makes the injection rate faster. Flexible programmable function optimized the production process to achieve the shortest cycle time.

In addition to integrate a number of auxiliary functions, such as automatic feeding, 96 district hot runner controller. etc., more dash forward show excellent cost performance.