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Enjoyable Operation Experience

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As standard configuration of REAL seriess, VICO operating system achieve easy operationa of consumer level .VICAO is displayed on a 21.5-inch IPS LCD display, integrated high-sensitivity touch screen, along with the hardware quality industrial-grade, multi-language support operations.


More simple and intuitive

Free programmable

Data analysis

Powerful hardware

Remote diagnostics

There is no esoteric jargon and complex operation path. VICO advocates is minimum the operate steps to get the target. Graphics and text display mode and full liberatlization of the flexible configration process, make it easily complicatied the non-standard process sequence, shorten the devlopment cycle of new products and reduce the cost.

VICO system enable users to create the production process sequence as they required. Full graphic design, simpleand clear logical, and many operation tips, to make programming complex non-standard program easy, fast and convince.

VICO system included SPC and SCADA function blocks, it has ability of production data acquisition and analysis. also system can upload or download data to the central control through a local area network.

VICO system uses 21.5 inch industry level LCD, up to 1920 x 1080 resolution so you can see more and operations more. Rich visual graphic effects let you always know the status of the machine. Besides the latest capacitive touch technology makes quick and sensitive touch experience. Let operation become kind of enjoyment.

VICO system may connected server through internet, this function can do software updata ,troubleshooting and technical support, to provide customers with more efficient service, reduce customer losses. The video calling feature is useful for a more accurate description of machine problems, speed up processing time.